Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I'm Blogging Now

10. Nothing else to do while watching Olympic Men's Beach Volleyball.

9. My mind feels overloaded. Maybe I can free up some space by downloading to a blog.

8. Those I don't get to talk to might find interest in the fact that I do have thoughts worth sharing.

7. I can be funny. Funny can be entertaining. Entertainment might attract readers. Thus, I blog.

6. I can be deep. Deep can be interesting. Interesting might attract readers. Thus, I blog.

5. I just saw a beautiful woman cleaning a Salmon...all on a blog. That was cool. Someone might learn something about me from this blog. That would be cool.

4. Until now I have said "who really cares?" I'd like to prove or disprove my theory.

3. Did I say there wasn't anything else to do while watching the Olympics?

2. My talented, intensely passionate wife is blogging.

1. Because I can.


Jill said...

wow. will wonders never cease. next thing you know you will be twittering. disable the word verification thing. people hate that.

Janet Fraser said...

welcome to the neighborhood... now, if you can get Bryce Schroeder to subscribe to your blog... you will have really worked a miracle :-)