Thursday, August 21, 2008

Conductor? Me?

I recently came across some photos that were doctored to be something unbelievable. Some are gulible enough to believe anything they see on the Internet. Many of them also believe Al Gore started the whole thing. I digress...
If you look closely at the photo on my blog page, you might believe that I conduct an infant choir. Look carefully past the music stand and you will see a baby in a stroller. This photo has NOT been Photoshopped. However, I do not conduct an infant choir.
I am the conductor of Voices of Hope Choir, a community choir I started in Tualatin. Voices of Hope Choir is a non-profit group who's purpose is to perform benefit concerts to raise money for charities. We are non-denominational and in fact do not require members to prescribe to a specific faith. However we sing Christian music in addition to a variety of other styles from Classical to Patriotic, Broadway to Spirituals. Our member range from 16 to 70.
You can find us at or e-mail questions to

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