Monday, August 25, 2008


No more Olympic games. Now it's back to educational TV, or Lifetime, which I will admit I watch. Didn't it used to be called "Lifetime FOR WOMEN"? I'm glad that's changed. I don't need another complex.
Anyway...I'm watching some guy trying to find proof of the NOAH FLOOD Story. He's trying to see if there is proof that the earth was underwater. Here is what I find humerous about what I am watching. He's is looking in an 8,000 year old village that, get this, IS NOW UNDER WATER. And after diving, he decides he has NOT found proof.
After you are done laughing, I will say he was hoping to prove a giant Suname caused the flood.
One of our customers commented as she left how funny it is that we continue to question if God is really with us or not. Maybe we're looking for proof in a village that is, indeed, flooded. Maybe God is actually with me every moment and as I think I'm looking for Him, I'm actually seeing Him but I'm too blind to see Him.
Oh, my counselor would say "Maybe? Not "Maybe". Definitely!"


noelle said...

that is funny!

I often wonder why we have to look so hard for God sometimes too. He seems so evident in the world around us...then again, sometimes He feels so far away.

Ziggy said...

Hey Don, I am reading your blog. I like your questions. I think you ask the right ones.

"If they found the ark of the covenant, how would that change things for what you believe?"

I still think about that one!

Laura said...

Don- just found your blog...nice, glad to hear your thoughts - looking forward to seeing more!