Saturday, August 23, 2008

Portland Cityfest

Against my better judgement, I took my kids to Portland Cityfest today. Jill's mom used to live by the philosophy that goes something like this: If it's a holiday or if there is some big event happening at the park, etc. one should stay home because the whole world will probably be there.
Now I have thought that one probably misses out on a great deal if they live by this philosophy, yet I have subscribed from time to time. When in London on New Year's Eve I stayed in my hotel room because "everyone would be at Trafalgar Square."
Well, EVERYONE was at Waterfront Park in Portand today for Cityfest. We arrived to find the only seats available to see the skateboard/BMX exhibition were in the blazing sun. Oh yes, Portland had blazing sun today. Not overcast skys like we have 300 + days a year.
I can't tell you how many times Grace was nearly trampled by big men with "I Love Jesus" T-shirts, or mamma's pushing their 2 week old in a stroller. Oh, I probably saw you there from a far, but there was NO way to get to you to say hi.
We pushed our way up through the crowd, after spending $25 on hotdogs, and we got about 30 feet from the stage. Good place to stand for the concert. Unless you are 6 years old and short. I finally decided that she would not have a good time looking at Ashley's back. So I let Ashley and Jordan stay there to enjoy Hawk Nelson.
That was fine until Ashley called my phone and said she was sick and Jordan walked ahead of her and was now lost. That lasted only a few minutes, the lost part. But Ashley was nearly escorted into an ambulance. I found her backstage with a paramedic with ice on her neck and several bottles of water.
Oh yea, Cityfest...too hot, too many people, terrible crowd control. We did see several hundred people make a commitment to Christ during the BMX show. "All things to all men..."
Next year, my spot at Cityfest will be left open for an unsaved person to hear the gospel.


AllyZabba said...

that sounds like a great way to spend a saturday afternoon. ah relaxation!

Jill said...

well you a good dad for trying. but always remember that my mom was pretty much always right. don't forget the..."don't buy cereal they like....they will eat it." now there are words to live by.

Tyler said...

i went friday and stood for 5 hours straight. my legs are still sore. i will say this, when chris tomlin was up on stage, there is nothing like worshiping with thousands of people.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I just found your blog page.

This was a great posting. I will have to say this about my first experience with Cityfest. Been there, done it, will never probably do it again. Way to many people for me, to hot, and some of the music was to loud(am I getting old or what?) but...there is nothing like worshiping with Chris Tomlin on stage. I went specifically to hear Chris Tomlin and that was the best part of my whole evening down there.