Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gold At The End of The Rainbow

I'm loving the time I get with Grace every morning for 10 minutes as I drive her to school. Yesterday was an insightful day. The conversation began like this: "Dad, I want to build a trap to catch a Leprechaun." "Really?," I ask inquisitively. "My kindergarten teacher last year told me she caught one." I was wondering what was coming next. Then she said "Do you think Leprechauns are real or not, kinda like Santa Claus?" I said, "What do you mean ?" "Well, you can believe in him or not believe in him. Some kids think Santa is just their parents." "Do you believe in Santa Clause?" I asked. "Oh yes! What made me believe in Santa for sure was the wii."
"How so?" I asked. "Well I knew it was from Santa because it costs like $1000 and I know you wouldn't spend that much on Christmas."
So she and I may go in search of the gold at the end of the rainbow.