Monday, September 29, 2008

What if...

I am having a good time reading the few blogs I look at each day. Today I read one written by the Jr. Hi. Pastor at our church. He took the time to point out that amidst the economic "crisis" we are experiencing we still have running water, electricity, over 95% of us have jobs, food and freedom and choice, etc. You should check out

It is absolutely true that we are rich beyond measure compared to much of the world we live in. But what if we lost access to our available cash tomorrow? Wait, let me phrase that better...What if YOU lost access to your available cash tomorrow? What if you could no longer purchase fuel for your vehicles? What if on Thursday your electricity, gas and water was shut off? What if men with guns began threatening your family regularly? What if your place of business shut it's doors tomorrow? What if grocery stores were looted and shelves were emptied? What if fire and rescue failed to perform their function in your city? What if the government began making decisions about things that you were accustom to deciding?

Maybe I'm alone, but I wonder about these things. Not because I think I deserve the vast richness that I enjoy as an American. I wonder because I am used to this life. I don't know what another type of existence is like. I only visited Mexico for a day. I only passed through a small portion of the Middle East. All is know is middle class West Coast America. I wonder what it would be like if all we are used were to go away.

I asked a friend what she thought about the House stopping the bailout today. Her immediate comment was "I don't worry about it. I've got God." Her response was quick and sure. She went on to say "I gave my finances over to him and said 'Good luck with this mess.'"

It is one thing to say I trust God with my finances. It's another thing to truly trust God with my finances and not worry about tomorrow. Now, I'll tell you I have made progress. I'm trusting more today than last year or 5 years ago, or 10 before that. However, I still have a long ways to go.

And just because we're Christians does't mean "What if..." couldn't happen to us. Right?

What do you think about when you wonder about the future of our country economically?


Anonymous said...

You know honestly I'm not worried yet about the economy. I'm use to living without money and I can make a dollar stretch beyond it's actual means. I spoke with someone today at work and told her that I was in for the long ride. The market closed up today and I have faith that we will eventually recover from this mess.

I try not to thimk about the rest of the problems like the what ifs. I will admit I have blinders on about a lot of things but I also think very logically and conservativly.

PS: Sorry, I'm typing this sitting on the floor of my Mom's home office.

Melinda said...

For me, the 'what if' has more burden, when we are raising family or are caregivers. That makes us responsible for more persons than only ourselves.

I think about the 'what if' often. I wonder about what would happen if my kids could not have their essential medicines for chronic illness or I could not drive them (no car) to the doctor (let alone pay for it). I wonder how I would cope without internet, since being hearing impaired leaves that as my main mode of communication. I wonder about being able to afford to bring home my son from college (let alone send him). I wonder about what would happen if those scholarships and grants dried up. In this economy, I wonder about our oldest son's job security, being the new hire at the company he works for.

I want to say that I have turned it all over to Him. Like you, I have improved (I think) over the years. Maybe I have just become more philosophical. I definitely have a long way to go. I want to be more like the person you spoke of.