Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Rambling

Things happen to me.
I think they're funny and weird and probably not interesting. But the beauty of blogging is that I can write them anyway. Things like nearly dropping my medium Diet Dr. Pepper from Carl's Jr. but making an amazing catch. If only it was on video. Or standing at a "Don't Walk" sign, talking on my cell phone, totally missing the "walk" cycle. Or filling the Power Steering resevoir with Stop Leak Break Fluid or something like that. Or holding up the cell phone to my ear for about 2 min. before I realize that we had been disconnected when she said "just a minute." Or taking my Diet Dr. Pepper from yesterday and pouring it into my cup of Diet Dr. Pepper with ice, only to realize that the can I poured from was only water. I had finished the soda and refilled it with water, but I forgot.

If funny things like that have happened to you recently, tell me about them.

McCain has suspend his campaign to focus on financial crisis. Looks like Obama will do the same. Or will he? He almost has to. Can Democrats and Republicans truly work together? Is the government action regarding the crisis and their potential bailout just rewarding banks for bad lending, and borrowers for not paying them back? One of my friends thinks so and says "Heckuva system we've got."

Lindsay Lohan likes girls, or does she? Clay Aiken likes men, that is confirmed. Does that surprise you? I'm not upset by that. I'm upset by the fact that he had to try to hide for so long. I don't condone homosexuality. I also do not condone people treating others badly because of certain sins. Plenty of hurtful gossipers are accepted in the Church all the time without repercussions from their actions.

Did you know that at the K-2 Back to School Night the Principal had to ask parents to determine if their child really needed to bring a cell phone to school. Really? K-2? He said he saw a 2nd grader making a call as she got off the bus. Maybe she was calling her broker regarding her investments.

So, thats kinda random and I kinda rambled. If you read this, you should really make a short comment. It's nice to know. The other day I actually got a comment from someone I don't know from somewhere I've never been who actually liked something I said. If you don't like what I said you're welcome to comment too. This is America!


Janet Fraser said...

loved it

Cheryl said...

"He said he saw a 2nd grader making a call as she got off the bus. Maybe she was calling her broker regarding her investments." Loved that!

Sharon said...

Just found your blog. Loved your thoughts!