Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flying High and Flying Free

I have experienced what relatively few parents experience in their lifetime. A the age of 41 I was able to ride in an airplane that was being flown by my 13 year old son. Before you get to be too impressed you need to know that he has had no lessons and I'm not sure what all the pilot was doing to help, but I know Jordan's hands were the only hands on the wheel for a good, long time.
That experience brings to the forefront of my mind the fact that as a parent one of my greatest desires is to see my kids soar - to see them fly high and fly free. There is nothing like watching my daughter, now an upperclassman relate to other students, instructors, adults, everyone around her. There is nothing like listening to her ideas, hopes and dreams and wanting her to soar. There is nothing like taking a teachable moment and reminding her that "you have what it takes."
I'm seeing the same things in my so, in his last year of middle school. His mind and heart is conflicted as to whether he is a kid or a teen and his actions are conflicted as to whether to act as a kid or a teen. (Yes, there is a difference.) He's been a WEB Leader (Welcome EveryBody) at his school, showing 6th graders the ropes. He's also expressed his desire to get all A's this year. And I've got to take the teachable moments to fill his mind with the fact that "he has what it takes."
Grace already knows she has what it takes. At least it appears she does. She rode her bike about 6 miles today with Jill and Jordan, doing as well or better than Jill, so I'm told. Yes, I was home on the couch. lol. When do the experiences come that eat away at the passion in a child's heart and mind that steals the notion that "she has what it takes." May it never be lost!
So, on I go. Plodding through life, trying to make my way. Still I wonder "do I have what it takes?" I know I still have a lot of changing to do. I know I still have a lot of wisdom to gain. I know I still have a lot of challenges to face. Yet, at this moment in my life, what I really desire is to watch my kids fly high and fly free. Each of them are at different stages of flight, but each of them are on their way.
Oh, by the way, as Jill and Grace and I sat in the back of the plane Jordan gave up the co-pilot seat to Ashley. In the dark of night, Ashley lined up the plane for the runway and had her hands on the wheel as the plane landed. Grace begged to fly it herself. My guess is she would have demanded to control the throttle as well.


Anonymous said...

sweet post Don. You are a gifted writer!

Don Hofer said...

Thank you. I actually enjoy writing short articles. I guess all my criticism about blogging was for nothing. Now I'm a blogger.
BTW, thanks for using Healer.

Heidi said...

I enjoyed reading this post Don! I often wonder too how to keep that "I can do anything" notion in my kids hearts and minds. Both Craig and I really want them to know that they CAN do anything if they just work for it.

Thanks for writing, I was happy to find your Blog. I have one too if you ever want to check it out!=0)

Laura said...

Nice post...I'm enjoying your blog more and more. Makes me wish I had more wisdom to share on mine! :)

Anonymous said...

You and Jill have wonderful children/teenagers. I have really enjoyed getting to know Ashley. She is a treasure with a very sweet spirit and kind heart.


Tyler said...

great post don!

Janet Fraser said...

i love your writing... thanks for sharing