Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do you Google yourself?

I think it’s really strange to see what I have done in my life as I read Google.

-I never knew that I cared about this issue…DON HOFER: “We live in a state today that is in dire need of new housing.”
-I didn’t know I started a company…Don Hofer Construction company profile in Huron, SD.
-I can’t remember starting an account with the Rock Hill Bicycle Club…Don Hofer. Member. Real Name: Donald Hofer; Email: n/a; Account Created: May 4th 2006.
-I don’t even know what this means…Don Hofer" wrote: “The other day our Event Viewer stopped working…”
-I haven’t been Vice President of anything that I recall…Vice President Don Hofer says the state needs such development.
-Apparently I’ve joined an artist colony with these folks…Elizabeth Gawronski, Johanna Hanks, Don Hofer. Marion Hylton, Ruth Ilg, Kate Lagaly, Tora Johnson.
-I’ve studied oil and watercolors with these people…Bill Haney, Bill Christ, Don Hofer, and Inez Gornall.
-I’ve guess I’ve been making people smile…"...Last month brought us the work of Don Hofer from Ludlow, VT, whose pen and ink prints of a variety of domestic and wild animals made us smile."
-And I don’t recall being a Superintendent…the board asked Beach Superintendent Don Hofer about the use of Old Silver Beach for the wedding.
-I’m just not that good with technology…Donald Hofer IBM Research Division

It is fun to see the real me out there in cyberspace.

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momof3under5 said...

Are you really going to be at Lake Hills on 9/28? Maybe we'll try to get there too! :)

Don Hofer said...

No concert. That's an old notice. I no onger sing in that group.

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